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February 19, 2018 by: Gabi

Bed and Breakfast, Inn or Hotel…Your Lodging Options and their Differences

Bed and Breakfast, Inn or Hotel…Your Lodging Options and their Differences

According to, 3 out of 4 travelers prefer B&B’s or Inn’s over Hotels. What is your preference? Travelers favoring BnB’s and Inns over Hotels might have something to do with the fact that many of the free amenities that come with a night’s stay at a B&B or Inn are not included in a Hotel stay and end up costing travelers an arm and a leg. Below is a brief description of the main differences between a Bed and Breakfast, an Inn and a Hotel. All three have their unique qualities and during your next visit to the Mendocino Coast, this post can be helpful in making a decision on where to stay.


BED AND BREAKFAST (also known as B&B or BnB): The main defining factor of a Bed and Breakfast is that each one is in a unique building whether it is a historic Victorian-style home or something modern and sleek. B&B’s typically only have from 1-5 rooms and the owners live on location and offer a home-style cooked breakfast as part of the room rate. The idea behind a BNB is to make their home, your home by making the space as comfortable and welcoming as possible. (Photo Credit: Mendocino Farmhouse)

INN: The Albion River Inn is considered an “Inn” because we have more than 5 rooms (22 in total to be precise) and have Inn Keepers rather than on location owners. The Inn Keepers act as guides to make your experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible and are all very knowledgeable about local activities and romantic spots. An Inn typically also has a restaurant which serves breakfast and dinner – for example, the Albion River Inn restaurant is open 7-days a week for locals and guests to wine and dine as they please. Like a B&B, we offer a complimentary, full, chef-prepared breakfast to our guests every morning of their stay. So, an Inn is similar to a Bed and Breakfast in the sense that both tend to offer a variety of amenities. We, for example provide - complimentary breakfast, free wifi, free organic local coffee, a free bottle of local wine with chocolates and even a free newspaper delivered to your door in the morning ;)


Hotel: Not to pick on hotels (although we might be a little bit biased) but if you are looking for the unique and super personal aspect of a B&B or Inn during your travels, then staying at a hotel might not be the ideal choice for you. Hotels are usually larger than Bed and Breakfasts and Inns and often are chains with the same style building and rooms in all locations. There is more of a “one room fits all” mentality and often anything more than just a bed to sleep in with four surrounding walls has a price whether it’s a $6 bottle of water or paying extra for wifi and breakfast in the morning. Another defining and practical characteristic of a hotel is that they have someone at the front desk 24 hours a day. So, if you are looking for a place to rest your head for the night as a stopover on your way to a final destination and enjoy a more streamlined guest experience, then a hotel might be just the thing for you. (Photo Credit: The Mosaic Hotel in Beverly Hills)

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