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May 14, 2018

An Albion River Inn Love Story, Albion River Inn

An Albion River Inn Love Story

“Great place, really friendly staff and the owners are always around and not hesitant to pull up a chair and chat. I proposed to my wife Cindy 22 years ago on the bench just outside the restaurant. Down on one knee, sunset after dinner, drinks, the works. She said yes and we always make it a point to stay here when visiting the coast. A delicious breakfast is included in your stay.You will not be disappointed!” ~Terry

Recently Terry and Cindy visited us at the Albion River Inn – the place where Terry proposed to Cindy 22 years ago outside of the restaurant on the garden terrace overlooking the sunset. It is such an honor when such love is proclaimed and shared at our destination. Since it has been so long, and their love is still going strong, we asked them to answer a few questions about their journey and the keys to a successful marriage. Read on!

Albion River Inn Sunset

Albion River Inn: How and when did you first meet?

Cindy: Parents without partners (PWP) on New Years Eve Dec 31st 1989. I asked Terry to dance.

Albion River Inn: Cindy, were you completely surprised when Terry proposed to you at the
Albion River Inn?

Cindy: Completely surprised. I had planned a night away with Terry for his 40th Birthday.

Albion River Inn: Terry, why did you choose the Albion River Inn Restaurant garden as the
location to propose to Cindy?

Terry: Cindy made reservations for dinner and when we got there and watched the sunset, had dinner, I saw the garden bench and just knew the time was now at such a beautiful place.

Albion River Inn: Cindy, what are your favorite qualities in Terry?

Cindy: He is totally honest with me and is my best friend first.

Albion River Inn: Terry, what are your favorite qualities in Cindy?

Terry: She’s always there for me and is a very good listener.

Albion River Inn: What advice would you both give to newly married couples?

Terry and Cindy: Talk, talk, communicate, talk, talk, communicate.
No matter how long you have been together, it is worth the journey.