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March 17, 2019 by: Gabi

A Curated Day of Wellness and Relaxation on the Mendocino Coast

A Curated Day of Wellness and Relaxation on the Mendocino Coast

Albion River Inn Ocean View Mendocino Coast

Welcome to the Mendocino Coast! Wake Up to Waves, Ocean Views and Coffee ;)

 Wake up to the sound of waves crashing against the cliffs below. Look out the window and take in the stunning view of the endless blue Pacific. Your freshly brewed cup of organic thanksgiving coffee is ready! Slip on your robe, open the sliding door - breathe in the ocean air and sip on your coffee or tea while you read the newspaper on an Adirondack chair out on your private deck.


Breakfast at the Albion River Inn Restaurant: Complimentary Never Tasted So Good!

You've already booked your time for breakfast at the restaurant - all you have to do show up and enjoy! First freshly baked warm muffins are brought to your table.  You can browse the menu and order anything from French Toast to perfectly cooked eggs and potatoes. Enjoy your meal as you watch the sun reveal blue skies as it pushes the morning mist into the majestic redwood forest beyond.


Picnic in the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

When you're ready to tear your eyes away from the view, take a 25 drive up shoreline highway, with the ocean to your left, and the Redwoods to your right until you arrive at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. Be sure to ask the front desk at the Albion River Inn for a Fruit and Cheese picnic basket full of locally sourced cheese, fruit (and a bottle of wine if you would like), so you have something to nibble and sip on during your adventure. (Please give them at least 24 hours notice so that they have time to prepare).

 When you arrive, find a private spot within the garden, close your eyes and smell the flowers. Take in the sounds of the birds and the scent of the blossoms to receive all the calming and uplifting benefits of nature's many colorful creations. (Photo Credit Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens)

 Once you've awoken from your day dream, it's time to drive ten minutes south to Big River Beach. Shortly after passing main street, which leads into the village of Mendocino, you'll find a trail on the left, sloping down to the beach parking lot. Once you've parked, leave your shoes in the car. Walk in the sand, feel the grains beneath your feet, and allow the electrical energy from the earth to be absorbed through your skin. Sit near the water's edge, and let the cool water awaken the nerve endings of your toes. Close your eyes again, and listen to the water, the birds - feel the breeze in your hair. 

Spa Time! Take a Dip at Sweetwater Inn and Spa 

 Now that you've dipped your toes into the crisp ocean water, it's time to discover Mendocino Village's best kept secret - Sweet water Inn and Spa for an otherworldly, almost tropical spa experience. Their “open air” private tubs, made from pure wood, will make you feel like you've landed in Thailand. When you find your tub of choice, get cozy, lean back and let your body melt into the heat of the water. Look up at the open sky above, and let your thoughts rise like steam and disappear for a while. (Photo credit: Sweetwater Inn and Spa)


Get An In-Room Couples Massage 

When you've allowed your body the luxury of relieving months of accumulated stress, head back to your room at the Albion River Inn and continue being spoiled by one of our highly trained massage therapists. A long deserved, most peaceful evening and night will make for wonderful, relaxed days to follow.  (for in-room massage availability and rates speak to an Innkeeper when booking your room)

 Albion River In Restaurant

Dinner with an Ocean View on the Mendocino Coast

By now you'll be walking on clouds - your body, mind, and spirit will have been realigned to it's natural state. So it's time to enjoy a candlelit dinner, with your loved one while overlooking the evening ocean sky.

Whether that loved one is yourself or another – there is no better way to end the night than with one of the many delicious dishes off the Albion River Inn Restaurant Menu

After dinner, we highly recommend you sit outside on your private deck and enjoy a glass of wine while the sun sends its last red and purple rays into the night sky, before slowly dipping beneath the sea. 

What a feast for the senses! We all need to unwind sometimes and recharge with good energies.

The Albion River Inn is most favourably situated directly on the beautiful Mendocino Coast, while also offering the attributes that make for a perfect retreat.

We can't wait to spoil you!










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