Dessert Menu

Crème Brulée: a rich custard flavored with Tahitian vanilla beans, with a crunchy caramelized topping & fresh berries. $7.50

Frozen Macaroon Semifreddo: light Italian style dessert with a sweet creamy mousse flavored with vanilla & layered with house-made almond & coconut cookies. Served with raspberry & chocolate sauces. $7.50

Kahlua-Amaretto Cheesecake: rich cream cheese filling flavored with imported coffee & almond liqueurs, in a sweet chocolate crust, with a tangy sour cream & coca topping served with raspberry sauce. $9.00

House-Made Ice Cream: various seasonal flavors served with house-made sugar cookie & fresh berries. $6.50

Chocolate Layered Cake: moist chocolate cake with raspberry compote, Chocolate Charlotte & bittersweet chocolate butter cream, finished with rich Ganache icing & served with French vanilla ice cream. $9.00

Raspberry Lemon Tart : a light refreshing dessert, sweet pastry crust filled with fresh raspberry compote & topped with tangy lemon curd, served with freshly whipped cream. $7.50

House-Made Sorbet: Asian pear/ginger, Strawberry/lime, Coconut-mango & blackberry-lime flavors served with a sugar cookie. $5.50

A.R.I. Chocolate Mousse: semi sweet chocolate mousse flavored with Kahlúa, Amaretto & Hazelnut liqueurs, and topped with freshly whipped cream. $8.00

The Albion River Inn Restaurant is pleased to offer our own special blend of locally-roasted, organic Thanksgiving Coffee. We offer an assortment of specialty coffee drinks, and an exceptionally fine list of after-dinner libations.